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Stars and Stripes: Vets' problems can weigh heavily on families, caregivers

June 9, 2014
As Kara Gagnon worked to diagnose vision problems associated with traumatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan veterans several years ago, she saw another need. Gagnon, then a optometrist with the Veterans Hospital in West Haven, noticed that some of the patients' caregivers, often young wives, who waited outside of her office "were exhibiting a high level of stress." read more

Air Force Top Stories: Key spouse program key to family readiness

June 6, 2014
Air Force spouses are key to maintaining stability on the home front as Airmen maintain focus on the war front, according to the wife of the Air Force’s top officer.

Army News: Advocacy program established for victims

May 2, 2014
The Secretary of the Army fully established a special victim's advocacy program Nov. 1, 2013, that entitles victims of sexual assault to legal representation from the moment the victim reports the crime through the conclusion of all legal proceedings against the alleged perpetrator.

AFPS: First Lady Announces $102 Million Initiative for Military Families

April 30, 2014
First Lady Michelle Obama announced a new philanthropic initiative which pledges over $100 million to help military families over the next five years.

Stars and Stripes: Study: 90 percent of military spouses underemployed

February 12, 2014
A new study confirms what many military spouses know from experience: Finding gainful employment is no easy task. read more

Air Force Top Stories: FitFamily provides families tools for success

January 27, 2014
It's that time of year again when people resolve to lose weight, get in shape and eat healthier, which takes dedication and determination.

AFPS: 'MyICP' Gives Military Spouses New Career-planning Tool

January 27, 2014
Military spouses who need guidance on education and careers have a new online tool at their fingertips, a program analyst for the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program, known as SECO.

Navy Headline News: Up-to Date Emergency Data Critical for Family Readiness

January 17, 2014
"It's not going to happen to me," is probably something each of the Sailors who died in 2013 was thinking. Considering only one percent of these deaths were in theater, it is important that Sailors prepare for the unexpected, Navy Casualty officials said Jan. 17.
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